Thursday, November 12, 2009

My little Hunter

Jory loves to hunt! Last Friday was ND's opening deer season (soon to be an official state holiday) and unfortunately Alan didn't get a license, Grandpa didn't get a license and neither did Uncle Louis! Jory was disappointed! He sat in the house as pickup after pickup drove by all with people wearing blaze orange...he was beside himself! Uncle Louis called and told him he would take him Coyote hunting later on in the day but still not satisified he made another call to good family friend, Mark Willows, and "Yes! Mark said I can go with him!". So, a happy child he he is on his way out the door to go deer hunting with Mark! Oh and BTW, Alan applied for a Gratis license On-Line that should be in the mail tomorrow...JORY WILL BE VERY HAPPY!!

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