Thursday, March 15, 2012

Midkota Mustang Basketball

Our Lady Mustang Varsity basketball team had an excellent season this year!  Jade was fortunate enough to be a part of it with such a great team!  We fell 11 points short of making it to the State Tournament but we don't have any seniors on the team so the future looks promising for the Lady Mustangs!!!  We are so proud of each one of you girls!  You played your hearts out and we are so lucky that Jade gets to play with such an outstanding group of athletes!!  Go Mustangs!!
Picture of the girls at the pep rally held in the afternoon.

Region 4 Runner-up

Grandma Boote Visit

Grandma Boote made a quick visit with us last week.  Ron and Jane delivered some pork to ND so Grandma bailed in for some quality ND Grandkid time! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jory's 10th Birthday

Jory turned 10 on February 15th.  We took all 6 of the boys in Jory's class, along with Brandt and Callie, to the Canad Inn in Grand Forks for Jory's 10th Birthday.  It was a blast!  I would highly recommend.  We spent about 6 hours there and none of the kids wanted to leave when we did!  Jace is an absolute water magnet and loved every minute...he was sleeping within a block of leaving!

4th Grade Traveling Ball

Jory has been playing on a 4th Grade Traveling Basketball Team since January and loves it!  He plays with some boys from the North Central area.  So between Jade and Jory's games that doesn't leave much time for anything else...but I wouldn't trade it for the world!  Jory loves any type of sport!

Jace - 26 months

Jace will be 26 months tomorrow!  He is quite the little chatter box!  He loves to do "chores" with his toys (see picture) and wants nothing more than to be outside!  He has been quite the little cheerleader lately for the "Mut-angs" (I guess I have been too, therefore, the lack of blog posts).  He enjoys riding horse and the "fur-wheeler".  Still enjoys his pizza and hot dogs and doesn't want much so do with potty training.  His "I wuv you mommy" melts our hearts and he is growing up so fast that I just want to stop time...


House Remodel

We started a "little" house remodel project the beginning of February.  This included moving our steps that led to the basement out of the kitchen!  It is mostly complete, however, the flooring that I want is backordered until June so I guess I can wait until then.  I've had my orange linoleum and carpet for 10 years now, whats another 3 months!

We love how it turned out! 



Next up, is the kitchen...ONE DAY!  I need to do a lot more talking before that takes place! ;0)

Volleyball Fundraiser

We recently had a fundraiser in Binford to raise money for the Binford Senior Citizens.  They would like to make some "updates" to their building.  It was Volleyball Tourney, silent auction as well as a supper.  The Edlund crew had a team...

The Wild Whinery Women....

The Jr. High Team...

Purse Lady??

Most of you that know me...know that I LOVE purses!  We were doing some cleaning of a closet the other day and look what we found!  Yup...I think I need another one!  ;)