Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lakota Tournament...1st Place

On March 5th, Jade played on a traveling basketball team in Lakota with a few other girls from Midkota, 1 girl from Dakota Prairie and a couple girls from Hope-Page. They were coached by Kyle Frappier (our Midkota head girls basketball coach and the dad to one of the players). They defeated Larimore in the opening round; Fosston, Minnesota in the semi-finals and Manvel for the championship.

We look forward to watching you girls play in many more championships!!

Haircut #1 for Jace McCoy

Jace has had the "mullet" look going for about the past couple months. There really wasn't much hair on the top of his head but the back was quite long...so I decided that we needed to go in for a little trim job.

His first reaction was this...loving it...ummm...not so much!

However, it didn't last long...he did great!

Now looks like a little man!

Tubes for #3

After many, many ear infections over the past 12 months, Jace is now child #3 with tubes in his ears. Jade and Jory both had tubes put in as toddlers and Jace was no exception.

So, we were told to be at the surgery center at 8:15 AM for surgery at 9:00. The nurse told me that he could have nothing to eat or drink after midnight..."Ah, What?" was my response! Is that going to be a problem? she responded. Well, yes...we are dealing with a 14 month old who LOVES his bottle and his milk in the middle of the night! (Yes, you read this right...he still gets his bottle at night...sorry!) So, the nurse compromised with me and said he can have milk up to 2:30 and water from that point on until 6:00 AM...still a hard feat but we got it done!!

Even though I had been through this 2 times and knew he was in good hands it was still hard to let good, qualified nurses take your little baby out of your arms and walk down the hall to an operating room...ugh! I don't know how people do it when you have kids with cancer or terminal diseases...my heart breaks for them!!

Glad it's over with and fingers crossed...we don't have another ear infection...but it has been known to happen...

Joe Beaver Breakaway Clinic

Jade attended the Joe Beaver Breakaway Clinic this past weekend. She had a blast and needs to remember (as told by Joe)...

1) Tip Down, Elbow Up and Follow through
2) Take your FIRST shot
3) See your calf THROUGH your loop
and most of all GO TO COLLEGE and get an education!!

Jace was even able to get a little riding time in...

and Jory a little "flirting" time...

and last but not least, Jade got to spend time with some of her older "Idols"...Thank you girls for all your words of wisdom and encouragement! It will be a weekend that Jade won't forget!

Winter Pool Fun!

In the past month we have been lucky to get away to a hotel. About a month ago we spent a night at the Seven Seas in Mandan as I had a ND High School Rodeo Board meeting the following day. It was also Jory's birthday so one of his buddies went with us...here they are hangin' out!

Jory and Breck...

Jade and Jace hangin out...

Then this past weekend Jade attended a Joe Beaver Breakaway Clinic in Bismarck and we also took in the Girls Class B Basketball Tourney...so some more pool fun was had! Tournament. 

below is Jade & some of her classmates...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jace McCoy - 1 year Pictures

Jace McCoy was one on January 15th.  We just got around to taking his one year pictures!  He is growing too fast!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Out with the Old...In with the NEW!

After purchasing a 42" flat screen TV last fall, we quickly discovered that it didn't fit in our existing entertainment center.  So, we brought out the old TV stand that Alan made in shop class in high school and added a few Reader's Digest piano books to raise it up a bit and make it work!!  Well, after much furniture store shopping looking for "just the right" table/entertainment center and always coming up empty handed....while we were Las Vegas during the NFR we finally found "the right" one and ordered end tables to match.  They FINALLY arrived today and so as the saying goes, "Out with the Old...In with the New!"...


(Purchased from an auction sale about 8 years ago...nice don't ya' think"!)


Love it all! Anyone need a auction salvaged end table and a TV stand?? ;)

American Heart Association Jump Rope for Heart

The Elementary school participated in the 2011 American Heart Association Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser.  Jade and Jory combined to raise about $175.00 but our little elementary school with a total enrollment of 56 (however, only 41 students participated) raised $3,359!!  Woo Hoo!!  Way to go Mustangs!!

Student of the Month!

Congrats to Jade on being named February's "Student of the Month" in the Midkota Elementary.    Two students, one from the K-3 Grade and one from the 4-6 Grade are awarded this each month.  Students are nominationed by the teachers and are given a certificate and a back pack with "Student of the Month" on it. 

Way to go Jade...we are proud of you!!

Oh how fun a BOX can be!

Jace (& Kindle) loved playing with this box! Sometimes toys are just too boring and playing in the boxes that are going to the garbage are a lot more fun!

13 Months!

Jace McCoy at 13 Months!  He continues to bring a smile to each of our faces...but then how couldn't this smile!  He had his 1 year check up and is at the 50th percentile for height and the 45th percentile for weight.  He isn't a very big boy but he sure seems to grow and change each day! 

Jory's 9th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Jory on his 9th Birthday on February 12th.  On Friday, Jory had a couple buddies out to play (see picture L-R: Connor, Breck & Jory).  Then on Saturday (his birthday) he invited one of his "buddies/classmates", Breck, to join us in Mandan for the weekend.  I had a ND High School Rodeo Association meeting Sunday so on Saturday (after Jade played basketball in Jamestown in the AM) we headed to the Seven Seas Hotel and Waterpark in Mandan where the kids went swimming and we ordered pizza.  Then Sunday AM the kids were able to swim some more while I attended my meeting.

Later in the week, we had a few family members come out for supper and cake....

Happy Birthday Buddy!!


Before I do some updating of our Blog...I need to apoligize for the "No Posts" for awhile.  Unfortunately, the Boote Ranch Blog has been on the back burner for a few weeks...as being a Mom, having a Job (actually two), taxing kids to piano and other events, bookkeeping/Taxes, and housekeeping has kept me from keeping our Blog up to date.  So, here are a few of our latest "happenings"!