Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3rd Annual Wild West Rodeo

We help with the Annual Wild West Rodeo at the Bible Camp this past Friday.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had 44 eager and busy Kindergarten to 3rd grade aged Cowgirls and Cowboys!  We had a fun time with these kids!  We show them how to run barrels, poles, tie the goat, rope the dummy, and most importantly (in their eyes), ride BIG TEX!  See pictures below...

All while Christ centered...Thanks Cedar and Jade for leading us in devotionals!

School is tough!

My niece, Lauryn  (far left) comes home with us each day after school and hangs out with us until either Louis or Kristi are done working for the day.  Some days she is like this after school....

and, somedays are just plain tiring!  Remember...we live a mile from town!!  But honestly, I feel the very SAME way some days!!! 

9 months old!

Jace is 9 months old this month and is absolutely into EVERYTHING! He can crawl very quickly and can climb on anything! He is walking along furniture and pulling himself up on most everything and we think he will be walking before Christmas!  He has his two bottom teeth now and is working on his left upper tooth. He can do "So Big" and "Patty Cake" on cue and still is very content with whatever he is it a rodeo, basketball game, volleyball game or church. We hear ourselves often asking "What would we do without this little guy?"...none of us can imagine what life would be like! We love this little man to pieces!

I had a difficult time getting him to sit long enough to get a decent picture so, these will just have to do!


Jace (9 mo) and my nephew, Kade (17 mo.) go to the same daycare "mom" so once in a while I steal Kade and bring him home with us after school!  Last week I brought him home and the boys played while I tried to get some pictures of the two of them...this was my attempt!   Of course they were too busy to sit together for a picture! They are so funny to watch and they get along very well!  I am so glad that Jace will have a "partner in crime" to grow up with!!

Elementary Basketball Career over :o(

Jade played her last Elementary Basektball game last Tuesday night.  They had a very good season and we are excited to see what the future has in store in the coming years for these talented young girls! Congrats Mustangs 6th Graders!!

Final Score for the 3rd Place Trophy...btw...we were the "Guest"!  ;o)

The girl's with the shirts that Mr. Wilson (their coach) bought for them!

Super Bowl

We attended a little early "Super Bowl" party 2 weeks ago at Lannes and Elaine's House.  Well, as Lannes said, "This is as close to the Super Bowl as the Vikes and Cowboys are going to get!"  So, we baked a cake and headed off to cheer our Vikes on to Victory!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

ET Calves

Last year we put embroyos in most of our cows and we worked calves a couple weeks are a some pictures of what our Angus Cows raised this past year...they look pretty nice...even the Hereford embroyo calves!  ;o)

New Bible

Jory received his Bible in church the 1st weekend in October. I snapped a picture of Jory and his cousin, Callie as they were baptized together too!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Laine Hanson came with us to Roughrider Finals and competed in the Jr. Breakway.  Laine is a Senior in HS and a great mentor to Jade!  We love her dearly!

The kiddos!

Picture of the kids from the "Tough Enough to wear Pink" day at the Roughrider Finals! 

Jace & Kels

A picture of Jace (8 1/2 months) and one of his God Mothers, Kelsey...

Roughrider Finals

Jade made it to her first Roughrider Finals this year in the Jr. Breakaway.  My nephew, Bridger, made it as well and we are VERY proud of both of them!  They take the top 12 at the end of the year and the age division for this event is 18 and under and since they are only 11 and 12 this was quite an honor!    Proud of you both!

Here is the whole Anderson/Boote crew...

Here is a picture of where Jory was happiest all weekend...behind the chutes! It looks like he was listening to Mark P. fairly intently on the finer points of Bull Riding! Thanks Petersons for letting Jory hang out at the chutes with you!