Thursday, June 17, 2010


One of Jory's loves is this is his first year of playing coach pitch Baseball and he is loving it! 

PS. Sorry for the picture quality!


The kids doing what they enjoy!

Jace playing on his activity mat!

YIKES for busy! most of you know that our summer's are, as I am sure you have noticed from the lack of post this past month...that that is true once again this summer!  I am going to try and do my best to keep my blog up to date but there may not be much narratives with my posts...probably just pictures...I am sure the people that follow this blog regularly (ie. Grandma Boote) will be happy with just pictures anyways!!  Again, sorry for the lack of post recently...unfortunately, rodeos, cattle, work, t-ball, auctions, bookwork, horses and kids are keeping me from blogging!! 

Jace...the Bear!

Jace received this little "bear" towel from some friends of ours that live in Minot! Isn't he just cute as a BUG wrapped in it!!

Jace...5 months

Jace was 5 months old on the 15th. Boy has the time flew by. His favorite thing to play with is his toes! He loves to be outside, coo and take a bath! He cannot sit still (as you can see by the pictures)! He had his 4 month immunizations on Wednesday and he weighed 15.5 lbs and was 26 1/4 inches long. He is a great traveler and is growing like a weed!!

90th Birthday!

My Grandma Mac (my dad's mom) celebrated her 90th birthday last Wednesday.  On Wednesday we had cake and coffee over at her apartment building for all of her friends.  Then, on Thursday night we were planning on having a Family BBQ at my parents house but because of the weather we had to move it to the Senior Citizen's Center in Binford.  We had a nice turn out of both of her kids and spouses, all of her grandkids and great grandkids as well as one sister, nieces and nephews and extended family!

You would never know that Grandma is 90.  She doesn't miss a basketball game, a rodeo OR a trip to the casino!  She is the taxi driver for her friends when they have haircuts and/or need groceries!  Happy Birthday Grandma!

Here are a few more pictures...

Grandma with Dad and Uncle Larry...

Grandma with her Great Grandkids...

Grandma with her Grandkids...

Remember this tree?

Remember my tree from this past winter with the Turkey's and Grouse sitting in it? If you can't this link...

I like the way it looks now...MUCH more beautiful!

Camps and more camps!

Jade along with a few girls in her class went to stay with my sister, Robin, for a week to attend the Carrington Cardinals BB Camp. They had a fun week and all came home with ribbons!!

During that same week they were in Carrington, one afternoon Jade and my niece, Cedar we able to take in a goat tying clinic in Carrington too...they WERE TIRED at the end of the day!

Then, the following week the same girls from her class as well as my niece, Cedar and a friend of Jade's that she rodeos with, Brooklyn Vollmer all attended camp in Devils Lake. This camp was coached by my High School Basketball coach, Mr. Privratsky!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boote Branding

We branded our calves a few weeks back and had lots of great are a few pictures from the day!

Jory ready to wrestle calves!

Jade dragging a calf to be branded...

Jory dragging his first calf to be branded...after being very persistent, we finally let him try his hand at roping this year! He didn't pretty well too!!

Jade (and Red Man), Jory (and Tejano) after a long hard day's work!