Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Concert

Jade and Jory had their Spring Concert this past Tuesday.  They were to dress up as pirates...this is the best we could do!  Grandma Boote, Uncle Ron & Aunt Jane were able to be here and take in the concert! 


Prom was held here a couple weeks ago. Midkota had about 23 couples attend prom this year. Not too bad for a school that has 56 students grades 7-12. Below is a couple pictures from prom.

The kids with Shaye (my god-daughter) attending her first prom...she was beautiful!

Tanner, Jade, Jory and Trey - (our neighbors and the kids' basketball buddies!)

Jade and Kallie Frappier (one of our "prettiest" dress picks!)

Jade with her some of her classmates...

Jace - 15 months!

Jace was 15 months old on the 15th of April! He is still "ball" crazy but there is something else he now loves...going OUTSIDE!! He kicks and screams when he has to come in the house and then will lay on the floor and bawl until he realizes that he isn't getting very far with his tantrum! He has 5 teeth now with 3 more coming in. Thank goodness the tubes have kept the ear infections away thus far. He also has gotten quite the vocabulary and knows what a cow, puppy and kitty say. He takes after Jade and Jory in that he loves to sit on the horse and ride.

His sleeping habits haven't change and we have just resided to the fact that he sleeps best right between Mom and Dad and one day he will want to sleep in his own bed. Bottles have become a thing of the past but he has been super "picky" about his sippy cups and only likes a couple of them. He isn't a big eater but likes hot dogs, cheese balls, mac and cheese and milk so we are in business! ;)

He is growing up fast and is into absolutely everything making me think that the upcoming rodeos are going to be interesting! Maybe we can just park his butt on a horse and he will be content ALL.DAY.LONG!

Spring Rodeo Riding!

Jade [riding Tejano (Heel horse)], Jory [riding Bonnie (Pole/barrel horse)] and Alan [riding Red Man (breakaway/heel horse) and ponying John (pole/barrel horse)] trying to get horses in shape for Jade's first Jr. High Rodeo next weekend! 

Jade Birthday!

Jade turned 12 on April 6th.  To celebrate, we headed to Jamestown for the night and had supper at her restaurant of choice, which was Grizzly's.  Had we been in Fargo or Grand Forks it would have been Texas Roadhouse!  Jade is an active 12 year old girl!  She still enjoys any sport, especially basketball and rodeo.  She takes voice and piano lessons from Mrs. Wathne and it has been fun watching her perfect her piano and vocal skills!  We just finished elementary spring volleyball and she has been playing on a traveling basketball team.  Inbetween volleyball games and practice, hunter's safety and traveling basketball, piano practice and lesson she is trying to squeeze in time to ride horses and get them in shape before her first Jr. High Rodeo on April 30th.  She keeps us hoppin' but we wouldn't want it any other way!  Love ya Jade!

Hunter's Safety

Jade was old enough to take Hunter's Safety last year, however, the instructor in our school is a very busy guy and decided not to hold a class and this year it was the same story. So, I did a little research and there was a class coming up in Cooperstown (18 miles away) so Jade was willing to take it there. Classes were held 8 days from 3:30 to 6:00. We were proud of her as she was the only "midkota" student that was there, however, she did know a few "Cooperstown" kids and made some new friends as well! Her instructors were Jay Grover, Curt Beattie and Bob Campbell. She passed and looks forward to her first "Thirty Pointer"!

L-R:  Curt, Bob, Jade and Jay

Jace and an Oreo

Jace eating his first Oreo cookie...I am thinkin' he liked it! 

Snow Fun!

We have had LOTS of snow this winter! We are finally starting to maybe see spring although as I type this there is a Winter Storm Warning with snow out in Bismarck so I am not holding my breath! Anyways, here are some pictures from one of the days we were out "enjoying" the snow!

Jory about to head "literally" down the hill!

Jade and Jace

Kindle having some fun too!
Jace in a snow bank!