Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday 6 months!

Ellie and Jace were born on the same day!  We were all together last week at a Fundraiser Benefit and took a 6 month picture of the two of them together.  Jace weighs a little more than Ellie but the BIGGEST difference is his hands and feet are MUCH larger...check this out!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jace McCoy...6 months old

Jace is 6 months old!  The time really does fly!  Below is a quick list of his 6 month progress/loves/likes/dislikes! 

  • As of July 4th, he can roll from his back to his front and had been rolling from his front to his back!
  • Will put ANYTHING in his mouth!
  • Is a wiggle worm when changing his pants!
  • LOVES...I repeat LOVES to be outside! (as you can see by the picture)
  • Still doesn't have any teeth but we think he is working pretty hard a cutting a few!
  • Loves to eat his toes!
  • Is still a good sleeper!  Usually have to wake him to take him to daycare...just plain WRONG...but I am not complaining because on my days off we get to usually sleep in ;)!
  • Loves applesauces and biter biscuits!
  • Enjoys time in his exersaucer (again...picture!)
  • Dislikes it when no one is paying attention to him!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jory riding Buckin' Ponies...

This video is of Jory riding a bucking pony at the Carrington Youth Rodeo a couple weekends ago. He won his division (8 and under)!  FYI...In order to watch the need to click on the arrow in the bottom left hand corner...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Binford PBR

The Binford PBR (Professional Bull Riding) was held last weekend.  Jory, Kennan Kvamme and Bridger had their pictures taken with Cody Campbell.  Cody Campbell qualified for the PBR Finals last year in Las Vegas...

Jory and Brandon (my cousin)...(Brandon works for Chad Berger Bucking Bulls and was home this past weekend)...

Jade and her friend Victoria...

Below is one of my favorite photos that I took that night...I think they call them "chick" magnets.
I took this picture back behind the chutes while waiting for Jory to get on his sheep for the sheep riding. It was pouring rain and they were laying on top of a bunch of gear bags under the crows nest out of the rain!

60th Anniversary

Grandpa Lyle and Grandma Lorraine celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary last Wednesday night!  After harrasing Grandpa that we were surprising them with a big party & dance, we actually celebrated fairly low key with going out for steak supper.  Those of you that know my Grandpa Lyle know that he doesn't go ANYWHERE that he may have to use his headlights on his car to get home...nor does he enjoy large crowds!!  We all had a fun time!  Congrats Grandpa and Grandma! 

G&G with their kids...

L-R:  Shelley, Kristi, Kathy, Julie, Lannes

End of T-Ball...

The Midkota Mustangs finished their Coach Pitch Baseball Season Undefeated! Way to go kids and Thank You to Bobby and Sharon Hoyt for coaching!!

Summer BUZZ!

For the past year Jory has wanted his hair grown out a little longer and that is exactly what he has done. Although last Friday after setting up and cleaning 16 portable toilets for the Binford PBR he came home with a new idea...I want to "Buzz" my hair! So out to the deck we went and gave him a little buzz...



I think it looks great and he thinks it is a lot cooler!

Kleinsasser Camp!

Jory attended the Jim Kleinsasser Football Camp in Carrington a couple weeks back. For those of you that are not Football or Minnesota Vikings fans...he is a tightend for the Minnesota Vikings and is a native of Carrington, ND (about 60 miles from Binford). Jory had a great and came home with some great football skills that he can't wait until he can put those skills to work next fall when he is a 4th grader!!

I was even able to sneak a picture of Jace visiting the Jim! LOL ;)