Sunday, January 16, 2011

Playing in the Cupboards!

I think every kid loves to play in the cupboards and Jace is no exception.  I was making some cupcakes the other night and this cupboard kept him busy for about an hour!  Here are a few pictures of him!

Can you see him in there??

HI Mom!

Jace is 1

Jace McCoy turned 1 yesterday!  I seriously can't believe how fast this past year went!  It seems like the year just flew by!  He is walking very well and has mastered going up and down the steps too!  A couple of his favorite foods are pizza and ice cream.  He still does not take naps...he might sneak in a small nap in the morning and an even smaller one in the afternoon.  His favorite spot to sleep is right between mom and dad!  He loves any kind of ball, however, some of his favorite "toys" are the telephone or the TV remote.  He has just learned how to blow kisses and knows how to make a "Mad" face to get his way! 

We had a little birthday party tonight for him and he liked his chocolate cake and Schwan's vanilla ice cream.  We gave him a rocking horse that is a little big for him yet but I can see in no time he will have this horse a Rockin'!  The picture above is an attempt to get a picture with him and his cake, although, all he wanted to do was get a hand on the cake and grab the candle!  Also, this cake was a very LAME attempt of a birthday cake but it is funny how things change by the time your 3rd child is born!  Oh well, we love this little man like he was our first and we can't image a day without him!  Happy Birthday Jace McCoy!

Grandma Shelly & Jace

Taken at Jace's 1st Birthday Party...Grandma Shelly & Jace!


Jade and Jory played on teams last weekend in a 3 on 3 tournament in McVille.  They both had a great time!

3rd Grade Team - Jacob, Connor, Jory, Breck with Coach Wilson

6th Grade team - (2nd place):  Victoria, McKenna, Mikayla and Jade

6th Grade Slumber Party!

Jade had the girls in her class stay over last Saturday night!  We haven't done this for a few years and I have to say...I think they are growing up...we had a fun night!  Not near as much fighting as when they were 3rd graders and stayed over! ;)  They were all laying in my bed when I snapped this picture!  Can you see who was the center of attention?  Yup...Jace...go figure!