Friday, February 19, 2010


Lauryn is a tad bit shy and here is a picture of Uncle Lannes teasing her and trying to get a taste of birthday cake...

Grandma's can be trusted though...:)!

Karsyn, on the other hand, is a little less shy and was hugging Lannes and loved Stacey's purse and carried it around all night...

A Little "Apples to Apples"

The cousins playing Apples to Apples...

Birthday Party...II

With the Midkota Girl's Basketball Team playing in Districts this week and the crazy weather last weekend...Jory's Birthday party with the boys in his class was postponed until yesterday when they came out to our house for some sledding and fun!  After pizza and cake, we headed to school to watch the Midkota Boy's Basketball team play.  Happy Birthday Buddy! 

With only 4 boys in his class and 7 girls...I don't think these guys will have trouble getting prom dates ;)! 

5 weeks...Jace McCoy

Jace is 5 weeks old today. He is still a great baby...sleeps about 8 hours at night (usually 11:00-7:00), likes to be held and has been to about a half dozen basketball games already! (our Lady Mustang Basketball team is going to Regions...1st time since 2001 and our Boy's Basketball team is a young group and fun to watch!)

I did take him into Dr. M this week because of a runny eye and some "goop" in the corners of his eyes in the morning. We found out he has a plugged tear duct (Jory had too as a baby!)...this should clear up with some gentle massage in the corner of his eye.

We love this little guy dearly and are enjoying each day!

PS.  I see a lot of "Halvorson" in this pictures...does anyone else? 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cookie's for Brennan!

Brennan Ehlers (a junior at Midkota) found out recently he has a Brain Tumor. He will be undergoing surgery in the next couple weeks at Abbott NW. In order to raise some money for him and his family for travel expenses, last Sunday Jade, Jory, Lauryn and Kelsey baked cookies and put them in jars and sold them for $5.00/dozen. Here are some pictures of their cookies and the final product!  As of today, all of the jars are sold and about $80.00 was looks like they need to get to baking again!!  Good Job guys!!

More importantly, we pray that Brennan receives good news as he undergoes his surgery!

My Boys...

Alan and Jory making fun of Jace...

You pick...Grouse or Turkeys!!

On Monday AM the kids and I looked outside and we had Grouse up in the tree eating the little "berries" off the branches.

hard to see...but there are about 7 Grouse in this tree...above are some picture of Grouse when I zoomed in on them!

YESTERDAY...we woke up to these lovely birds in the same tree...TURKEYS!!

Now, I wish tomorrow morning, I would wake up to a Robin in the tree...a sign of SPRING ;)!!

8 Years...

Jory is 8 years old today!  Wow, has that time gone fast!  Makes me sad but on the other hand he is growing into a nice boy (most of the time)!  He loves school, playing in the snow & snowmobiling (we can't get enough snow for him), football (especially the Vikings), basketball, and at this moment...his new brother!  I made cupcakes for his class today, after school we went to the Girl's Basketball District game tonight in Ft. Totten.  Afterwards, we headed into Devils Lake with the Ronningen cousins for some Pizza Hut!  Happy Birthday Buddy!!

Pictured with his birthday present...a new SNOWBOARD...we have PLENTY of snow to get a lot of use out of it!!

4 weeks...

Yup, can you believe it?  Jace is 4 weeks old today!  He is such a little sweetheart and has been a great baby!  He usually goes to bed about 10:30/11:00P and sleeps until 4:00/4:30A, up for about a half hour to eat and then back to sleep until 7:30A.  That night schedule I can handle!  I am enjoying every day that I have at home.  I actually wonder how I am going to be able to go back to work and still get everything done...the day seems to fly by...I guess somehow we will manage!  In the meantime, I am going to enjoy each "Snuggle Day" that I have left.

We have received some amazingly cute babies gifts! One of them he is wearing here...Don't you love it!!

left chest...

Friday, February 5, 2010

3 weeks old...

Jace is 3 weeks old today!  This picture is for Grandma Boote...she bought him this cute little outfit! 

Birthday Buddies!!

Jace pictured here with his Birthday buddy...Ellie Christine...They were both born on the same day...Jace at 12:23 AM on the 15th (in Jamestown)...Ellie about 7:00 AM on the 15th (in Fargo).  Ellie and her parents live in Cooperstown.  Thought a picture of the two of them would be never know...they might be good pals one day!!    Jace looks like he is ignoring her...I really think he was just being shy ;)!  She is a cutie!

1st Bull Sale...

We attended the Topp Hereford Bull Sale on Monday in Bismarck...Jace at his first bull sale!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some of the Best Girls in the world are COWGIRLS!!

Jade and Jory are lucky...they have had some of THE BEST people in the state of North Dakota help them in improving their rodeo skills.  Two of these people are pictured here with Jade.  Laine on the left, Calby in the middle (yes, they are sisters!)...Laine won the Sr. All-Around and Calby won the Jr. Reserve All-Around on Saturday night at the MHSC Banquet.  These girls are not only "Handy" in their rodeoing BUT more importantly are always cheering their friends on (old and young), encouraging others, and show so much poise even in defeat!!  They have helped both Jade and Jory this past year and we thank them!!

Jace :)...

I just love this picture of Jace...snoozing before the rodeo banquet Saturday night...  He loves to sleep on his tummy (of course, only during the day when I can keep a close eye on him!)...

2009 MHSC Awards

Jade and Jory competed in the 2009 Mandan Horse and Saddle Club (MHSC) Youth Rodeo series (4 rodeos) this past summer.  They both tried their hardest and had a blast meeting new people and making new friends!  The Beginner age division is 10 and under so Jade was only able to compete in that age division this past year, Jory on the other hand has 3 years left to compete in this division.  Jade ended the year winning the Beginner All-Around and the Goat Tail Tying.  We attended the MHSC Banquet this past Saturday night and Jade received her awards.  Jory also received a trophy for participating in the Beginner division.  We are VERY proud of both of their accomplishments this past rodeo season!