Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jory's 1st Steer Riding

Jory riding his 1st Steer ever at the Mandan Youth Rodeo in September...I think he is still grinning from it...
Of course, Jory thought it was a blast...again, I hope he outgrows this "steer riding" phase as I just don't think my nerves can handle it!

Roughrider Rodeo Novice Barrel Racing Champion...

Jade won the 2009 Roughrider Rodeo Association Novice Barrel Racing Championship and last night was the RRA Banquet in Minot where she received her buckle. Attached is a video of her receiving her buckle and giving her "speech"! It was cute...hard for this mom not to cry! Wow...10 years old and she is growing up WAY too fast!

This championship is bittersweet as next year she cannot compete in this "division" because she won it this year, and the "division" she has to move up to is going to be tough!! We are so proud of you, Jade, and your horse, Classy! Keep up the good work!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sioux Hockey

Jory went with Uncle Lannes and Aunt Elaine to the UND Sioux Hockey game last Friday is a picture of him at his first game! He had a blast...he said there was lots of fights! Jory is truly a sports fanatic! Thank you Lannes & Elaine for taking him!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

31 weeks

I am officially 31 weeks...64 days to go today! Am I already counting down the days???? YES! Sorry, but in my opinion pregnancy should only be 6 months, not 9 months...I get a little impatient! I still have been feeling very well and really don't have any complaints. (I did get my H1N1 vaccination after having some anxiety with the kids in school coming to me for their ailments of fever, headache, and chills, I was able to find the vaccine so the kids and I are all vaccinated! I have the normal complaints of achy legs, lower back starting to bug me, AND the up every 2 hours in the middle of the night to use the bathroom! He is an active little guy especially when I would like to go to sleep at night!

We still have a "family debate" going on, on what to name this new family member...the kids have some very vocal opinions about this topic but it is fun to hear their names! :) I have struck some really good deals at local thrift stores as well as a friend's rummage sale! Last week Jade and I washed things up, sorted sizes and labeled some totes. I do feel a little more prepared and we have a few things needed yet for the baby room. I will post some pictures of the baby room in the next week or so...


Jory and Lauryn playing in the leaves on Sunday! Jory loves it when Lauryn can come over and play and he is so good with her! The weather has been beautiful and I hope we get a few more days like this before the "S" word comes!

Dumpster Diving...

We have a few cats around this place that like to Dumpster Dive! Anyways, the kids and I drove up last week to find this kitty roaming around aimlessly with this "Lunchable" on his head. This "kitty" is not tame and was scared to death when he heard us approaching. After a few attempts we were able to get this liter off his head! Maybe that will teach him a lesson, that eating cat food at the barn is safer than digging in the trash cans in the garage!! UGH!!

My little Hunter

Jory loves to hunt! Last Friday was ND's opening deer season (soon to be an official state holiday) and unfortunately Alan didn't get a license, Grandpa didn't get a license and neither did Uncle Louis! Jory was disappointed! He sat in the house as pickup after pickup drove by all with people wearing blaze orange...he was beside himself! Uncle Louis called and told him he would take him Coyote hunting later on in the day but still not satisified he made another call to good family friend, Mark Willows, and "Yes! Mark said I can go with him!". So, a happy child he he is on his way out the door to go deer hunting with Mark! Oh and BTW, Alan applied for a Gratis license On-Line that should be in the mail tomorrow...JORY WILL BE VERY HAPPY!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saints Day

Today is All-Saints Day and we are to remember those who have gone on before us. As I sat in church this morning and we lite candles for those that have passed on this past year I thought of several people, not only those that have passed on within the last year but over the course of my lifetime! However, I also sat there thinking how grateful I am to be 38 years old and to have all but one of my grandparents still living.

We celebrated my Grandpa Lyle's 81st birthday today and what a guy he is! His witty sense of humor can't be beat and he would do ANYTHING for ya! When I was a child he would pick us kids up and take us to the grocery store and buy us a jar of olives (black or green) or whatever we wanted. Still, to this day, he takes the great-grandchildren on this shopping spree!

My Grandma Lorraine is 76 years old and has a heart of gold! She too is very generous and is always willing to help when needed. (Even when I call her on late notice and say that I need a pan of bars or buns for this or that...) She is an excellent cook and is THE BEST lefse maker on the face of this earth! There is nothing better than when the phone rings in the morning and she has hot lefse...well, you know where my next stop is!

My Grandma Mac is 89 years old and is one of the proudest Grandma's around! Ask her about her grandchildren or great-grandchildren, she is more than willing to fill you in! She is the local chaffeur for her friends whether it be to get groceries or to go to a doctor or hair appointment! She loves to watch the Midkota Mustang sports and is always ready to hop in and head out to a rodeo! She too is an excellent cook (Potato Salad is her specialty) and is always willing to help!

I am so fortunate to have had such great role models in my life. So, on this All-Saints Day, not only do I want to remember the Bobbi Talmadges' that have been in my life but the ones that ARE STILL with me today! Wow...what a blessing that is!!

Love you all!

Halloween 2009

Our Bullfighter and Jockey!