Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby Room

The baby room is just about complete and I think we are almost ready for Baby 'J'. We have a few things left to get but overall I think it's coming along. I asked my brother-in-law Dennis if he would make me some horseshoe hooks for towels, etc. and I planned on picking them up this weekend, but with us not making the trip to Iowa I may need to go to Plan B.

This little room was used as an "extension" to our entry way. However, we obviously didn't NEED it because I have consolidated or purged everything that was in that room into the actual entry way and closet! Although small...I think this is going to work!

Here is a picture of this tiny room "before"...

Here is the finished results...again...we need a couple decorations for the walls but I think it turned out cute! I think that the paint and carpeting has made this room really cozy! It is right off of our bedroom so will be nice and handy too ;)!

I purchased the bedding off of Ebay...I think it fits "us"!

Only 21 days to go and I pray for a smooth delivery and most of all a healthy baby!!

2009 Christmas Storm

A few pictures taken was still snowing and blowing.  Prior to this storm we really only had about 2 inches...Jory says the sledding will be "awesome" now!

outside the front door this AM...

The sidewalk and the pickup in the background (nope...didn't make it in the garage before the storm hit!)

Pickup again...Alan starting to dig it out and get the snow off of it to clean the driveway.

The kids playing in the snow and building a fort!

In my opinion, people that don't get to experience a "Good Ol' ND Blizzard" don't know what they are missing!!

Christmas Day

We had a quiet Christmas Eve and Day. On Christmas Eve afternoon we opened our gifts to each other and to the kids. That evening we went over to my brother and sister-in-law's (just over the hill) for Papa Murphy's pizza and a little card playing.

We each received some fun gifts! Jory received his Nintendo DS, spur straps and a bronc halter; Jade her Ipod, spur straps and a bronc halter;

Alan a Shower mirror/radio and a very cool Jared Allen T-shirt

and myself a pair of Born shoes and a cross decantur!


Christmas Day the kids opened their "Santa" gifts and the rest of the day we spent laying on the couch, watching movies and watching the snow come down! Below is a picture of the kids with their stockings...

We are just thankful that we weren't sitting on the side of the road during this storm and were at home warm and safe!

Christmas with the Halvorson's

We were able to make it to my sister's on Wednesday evening for all of us to get together for Christmas!  We had a great meal, opened presents, had a visit from Santa and then basically had to head home as the snow was coming down and the roads were getting nasty.  The kids received some really great gifts and MOST of the kids enjoyed Santa's visit.  Pictured below is a picture of my niece, Lauryn (4), hiding from santa under her dad's chair at the dinner was just too cute! 

She did warm up a bit order to get her gift from him...but she wasn't going to get too close. She told her mom, "Will you tell Santa what I want from him?" Here are a few other pictures from the night...

Santa, Jade and Cedar

"The Boys!"

Lauryn with her "Santa" gift on...high heels, crown, and necklace...she loved it!

Our attempt...

Our niece, Courtney, makes the most beautiful Gingerbread houses each year at Christmas.  Check out some of her houses...  The kids see pictures of these and they always think that it would be fun to try making one.  Last Christmas, Jade and I "attempted" to make one using graham crackers, candies and regular frosting.  The final product looked more like a collapsed barn with snow on top.  Honestly, it was pathetic!  In visiting with Courtney last year at Christmas, there is an actual recipe for Gingerbread Frosting called "Icing Cement" is the link to this recipe

This year, I just bought at Gingerbread House Kit (everything was included...icing cement and all) at Walmart and last Friday night we attempted to make this.  Jade had a friend spending the night so I thought this might be something fun to do!  It was going fairly well...I thought...until a call came from some of their friends asking if they wanted to go to the gym and play basketball...and off they went!  "We will finish this later mom!" as they ran out the door...So, after about 5 minutes of their frosting being left uncovered...we NOW had our own cement frosting!  Later, was not going to be an option!  I quickly tried to apply a few candies to it and here is our finished product...

Well, Courtney...can you say Attempt??  Better luck next year...I think basketball trumped the Gingerbread house this year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

We are Called...

About 10 years ago, the Edlund family (my mom's side) decided to make a change to their traditional Christmas giving. After many years of exchanging gifts with each other or doing the "White Elephant" gift exchange at Christmas we all decided that none of us really "needed" anything! So, we came up with the idea that our Christmas gift should be to "help" either a family or an organization.  Each one of us (G&G, siblings, and grandchildren) give a monetary amount towards "the Edlund Family Gift" and this amount varies each year but is usually around $25-30.  Once you turn 18 you are now "eligible" to contribute! ;)  There has gotten to be quite a few contributors and our total "gift" usually ends up being around $500-700. Thus the beginning! 

A few weeks prior to Christmas we start talking as a family of who the recipient should be. Over the years we have used our "gift" to purchase gifts for a family, purchase nights at the Ronald McDonald House for a family, given the money to someone or given it to a local organization.

This year our "Edlund Family Gift" is going to a family that we don't know!   We have a social worker who comes to the school who helped us "choose" this family. He was able to get a "Wish List" from them and we actually went out and purchased gifts for them.   This afternoon we got together and had a "Wrapping Party".  After two hours of wrapping...mission accomplished! 

Pictured above and below is our purchases before we wrapped them today...

This is after wrapping them....

As far as I am concerned (and I think the rest of my Edlund family would agree) this is the best Christmas present we purchase!  When my kids read what this family's Christmas List, I think they were shocked!  There was not many "fun" things, but just your basic needs, ie. socks, underwear, sweatshirts, jeans, t-shirts, shampoo/conditioner and personal hygeine products!  All I could think of is, "Boy, My family and I are spoiled!" after pooling our monies we are hopefully going to make this family's Christmas a little brighter this year! 

This morning in church we sang a song titled, "We Are Called" and I had tears in my eyes singing it.  I am going to share the words with you as I believe that this is what Christmas is all about!

Verse 1:  Come!  Live in the light!  Shine with the joy and the love of the Lord!  We are called to be light for the kingdom, to live in the freedom of the city of God.   Refrain...

Verse 2:  Come!  Open your heart!  Show your mercy to all those in fear!  We are called to be hope for the hopeless so hatred and blindness will be no more.  Refrain...
Verse 3:  Sing!  Sing a new song!  Sing of that great day when all will be one!  God will reign, and we'll walk with each other as sisters and brothers united in love.  Refrain...
Refrain:  We are called to act with justice, we are called to love tenderly; we are called to serve one another, to walk humbly with God.
May each of us experience the joy of giving this Christmas!

37 weeks

Here is a picture of my cousin, Brittany, and myself taken today.  She had her first child, a daughter, Molly, in January of 2009.  Brittany is due the first part of April with twins.  Yes, you are reading this correctly!  Anyways, here is a 37 week picture of myself...height does have it's advantages!  I feel for Brittany already!

I have approximately 3 1/2 weeks (26 days) remaining of  Boote Baby #3 pregnancy.  Overall, things have been going fairly well, however, back on November 6th (ND deer season opener) in the morning I noticed that my legs felt a little achy and when I went to take a ankles and shins were swollen and black and blue, right foot worse than left.  After pondering this for a bit and calling and visiting with my doctor's nurse and explaining the situation, she visited with Dr. McMillan and called me back with, "We want you to come down so Dr. McMillan can see you."  Well, after a doctor's visit and an Ultrasound to make sure there was no blood clots, the orders were to "Keep your feet up as much as possible and to wear support hose!"...that is what I have been trying to do since then.  However, it is VERY hard with two very active kids, a job, a house to take care of and my difficulty with just "Sitting!".  Luckily, the kids and Alan have pitched in and it helps that I am lucky to have a very great friend "clean" for me every two weeks!  Yeah!!  The worse part of this whole "leg problem" is that our plans for a quick family trip to Iowa for Christmas have been dashed with Dr. McMillan giving me the "I really don't want you to go, unless you stop every hour and walk!" and "Is the risk of getting a blood clot really worth it?".  ;

So, I for sure will be staying home, however, I really think Alan and the kids should go...he is pondering this idea (reluctantly).  We will just see what happens this week with that idea!  I have posted a picture of my leg tonight to give you an idea...I know, can you say, UGLY!!

As for our readiness for Baby "J", we are getting there.  Jade painted a little bookshelf  this weekend that we found at the thrift store.  Alan cut the bottom of the door today so that it will swing (since the room did not have carpet in it before).  We still need to pick up some baby supplies but other than that, I think we are about ready.  Oh, and we still don't have any definite names picked out yet...this will come to us though!  It is just really difficult to get four people to agree ;-)!! 

The past couple weeks I have been training in a very "qualified" girl to be my replacement at work while I am gone.  She has done fantastic and I am lucky that she was available.  I have my computer set up at home so that I can work from home and still do payroll and the bills while I am away.  I still am not sure how much time I am going to take off, but one thing I do know for sure is that I am going to enjoy every day I am at home with this baby because the days go by quickly and they grow up so fast!

Vikings Football at Home!

This is how most Vikings games are spent...with the "boys" watching their beloved Minnesota Vikings.    Halftimes are spent with Jory "going long" and Alan throwing the ball to him in the living room!  I think we have a future football player in the works here!  Next year, these two are going to have to get a bigger chair or move to the couch to make room for the next little Viking fan!  Go vikes!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Uncle Alan and Kade

Thanksgiving Day watchin' some football with nephew, Kade (born the same day as our nephew, Lincoln...May 19th).  (Getting practiced up to watch a little football with his own baby...shortly...29 days from today to be exact!)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Elementary School Concert

Our Elementary School Concert was held on Monday evening.  This was Jade's first concert playing the Saxaphone.  Both Jade and Jory did great and both love to sing!                      

3-6 Grader's Singing...

Jory speaking his line...

Cousins...Brandt  (6th grade) & Jade (5th grade)
      Cousins...Callie & Jory (2nd Graders)

No more Vikings...paint for Jory!

Jory had his face painted 1/2 yellow, 1/2 purple for the vikings game.  He never complained at all that it was itchy, burning or irritating while it was on his face.  After the game and back at our room we washed his face off.  Monday AM he woke up with a slightly swollen face (only on the side that he had purple) so we rubbed some MK moisturizer on it.  We headed for home and it did seem to get a little worse.  Tuesday AM he awoke with an eye that was almost swollen shut and a VERY puffy face.  We headed to the clinic and apparently he was allergic to something in the purple paint.  After Bendadryl and a prescription cream...we are lookin' better.  I wish I would have taken a picture Tuesday AM....but here is a picture from today (after 24 hours of Bendaryl and 6 applications of cream to his face!  He looks better! 

 I asked Dr. Peterson if maybe we needed to avoid Viking games from now on...he laughed and I received a dirty look from "little man"! 

PS.  Does anyone on the Edlund side think this picture resembles anyone????  I don't know, but to me this picture reminds me of Joe??!?!?!

Vikes Game

We took the kids to a Vikings game for their Christmas present.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend.  We had a really great time and Vikings got another W!   

The kids at Cabella's!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Church Christmas Program

The kids had their church Christmas program this past Sunday.  Jade was Mary and Jory played an impatient boy that just wanted to decorate the Christmas Tree (the part fit him to a tee).  During the offering Jade, Jory and cousin Callie sang the song, "Offering" (the Christmas version) and they all did a great job!  Here are a few pictures...                                                          

The kids singing during the Offering...

Jory "playing" the impatient child...

The whole Sunday School...

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Our family has a date each night with the Television (at least for the next 7 nights and the past 3 nights)...the 2009 National Finals Rodeo is actually being broadcast LIVE each night! YEAH!!  (We even had to break down and call Dish Network and upgrade our package to get ESPN Classic...we are die hards!)  I actually took a little nap today so that I could stay up and watch. The kids are already talking about the possibility of going next year and that being their Christmas Present...sounds good to me!!!!

A lil' sleddin'

The weather up until this past week has just been fabulous! This week we received about 2 inches of snow...enough to do a little sleddin'! It was nice outside today and the kids had two cousins (Callie & Lauryn) over! Here are a few pics!

Jory(7)...doin a little snow boarding...

Lauryn (4) on the saucer...

Family Pictures

A few weeks ago we attempted to get a few family pictures. I know these pictures will be outdated fairly quickly (with the baby due in about 6 weeks) but I just wanted a few. I asked a fellow co-worker of Alan's at the Vet Clinic if she would come out to our place, we were finally able to make this happen two weeks ago. I especially like the ones of the kids alone...their school pictures were less than desirable.

And finally, a picture of the kids with all of their winnings from the summer! Lucky kids!
Thank you Brandi for coming to our do a great job!