Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Halvorson Christmas

Robin and Glenn hosted our Halvorson Family Christmas!  Below are some pictures!

Karsyn and Kade playing!

Bridger with his guitar that used to be Great-Grandpa Kenny's!

Jade and Cedar with their new rag-time quilts from Grandma Shelley!

Grandpa Ron and Jace

Halvorson Grandkids and Santa

After a long night, Santa Claus made one final visit on his way home on Sunday to the Halvorson Christmas! 
(L-R) Jade (holding Kindle), Lauren, Jace, Cedar, Dawsyn, Kade, Jory, Karsyn and Bridger. 

Jace and his Boote Cousins!

Lincoln (19 months), Ryan (14 months) and Jace (11 months) playing with their toys from Grandma Boote!  I think this is a pretty good looking trio here!! 

Christmas in Iowa!

We headed to Iowa last Wednesday and were able to spend Christmas with the Boote's on Christmas Eve! 

Here is Grandma Boote opening Christmas presents and Leah and Emily looking on!


Jane, Bette and Janet

Jane and Jean

Grandma Boote getting in some Jace "time" while we were in Iowa for Christmas!

Jade, Julianna, Taylor and Katie

Collin, Dallas and Jory (Carter in the background)

Older Edlund Great Grandkids...

Some of the "Older" Edlund family Great Grandkids in a hot game of Texas Hold Em'...trying to get their share of the "Chips"!

Youngest Edlund Great Grandkids...

This was Jace and the Feibiger Twins (Macy and Katie)...taken during our Edlund Christmas!  They are all trying to get their share of Cherrios!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jade...another Finals Run!

Friday Night's Breakaway Run!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jace McCoy - 11 Months old!

It's hard to believe it, but Jace McCoy is 11 months old today!  He has 4 teeth and I am sure he had an ear infection with each tooth that he cut!  He is into absolutely EVERYTHING and nothing is safe in the house!  He waves bye-bye, loves to play with tractors and then makes his little tractor sounds, loves balls and can't get enough of playing Peek-a-Boo!  We missed him terribly while we were in Las Vegas but knew that he was in good hands!  We just switched him to half formula, half milk and that is going very well!  He started walking this past week and hasn't looked back!  He loves to scale the steps but by no means has mastered getting back DOWN them!  He will take his first "Big" road trip next week (besides a rodeo) when we head to Iowa for Christmas and I know that Grandma Boote can't WAIT to get her hands on this little 11 months old!!  Until then, these pictures will have to work!  Let's hope that we don't have a Christmas storm like the one we had last year!! 

NFR Christmas Present!

This year we took the kids, excluding Jace :(, to Las Vegas for the 2010 National Finals Rodeo for their Christmas present!  We took in all three Cowboy Christmases, a 4D Polar Express Movie Clip, Autographs and Pictures with Bobby Mote, Joe Beaver AND Trevor Brazile.  On Sunday we took in the Cowboy Church service at the MGM that was simply AMAZING!  We were able to take in two performances of the rodeo with the Sunday Performance honoring the US Military.  I don't think there was a dry eye in the place after the opening ceremonies with Lee Greenwood singing "God Bless the USA" and a couple of wounded Soliders out in the arena!  We visited the M&M Store, the Bellagio Christmas Flower Show, and the Bellagio Water Show! 

We had a great time...some great memories! Of course, if you ask the kids, I am sure the best part of the trip was meeting Trevor Brazile (8 time All-Around World Champion Cowboy)! 

Jade's Breakaway Runs at her First Rodeo Finals!

Here is one of Jade's Breakaway Runs from the 2010 Roughrider Finals in Devils Lake this fall.  This was the first Finals that she had qualified for!  She did VERY well considering she was competeing again High School and College Age students and she is 11!  Job Well Done Jade!! 


We have become NDSU Bison fans this Fall! Of course, everyone here still loves the Vikings but we have added the Bison to our list of teams to cheer for! A few weeks ago we took in one of their games and had a great time! We look forward to attending more in the future!!

School Christmas Concert

Jade and Jory had their school Christmas Concert last week.  Jade played her saxaphone, sang and had a speaking part; Jory sang and had a speaking part as well.  All of our kids did a great job!  For such a small school (57 kids K-6 and 56 kids 7-12) they sang like there was 500 of them!  Kudos to Mrs. Hoy...you do a great job! 

Jory was to wear a scarf and gloves for his part and Jade and her friends were to wear ugly Christmas sweaters for their part. No...Jade didn't find her's in her closet! ;0 It came from the 2nd Hand Store in town!)

Jace & Dude

Jace (10 1/2 months) and Dude (Jace's Godfather) playing!!

Cattle Kindle

We added another member to our little family!  Cattle Kindle..."Kindle" for short came to live at the Boote Ranch about 6 weeks ago!  She is a Welsh Corgi and is cute as button, except for when she has an accident on my carpet!!!! 

Hunting Season!

One of Jory's loves in life is Hunting!!  He must get that from the Halvorson side...there is always something to hunt or fish for!  In North Dakota, the whitetail deer opener is a State Holiday!  Schools are usually closed and if you don't hunt you are in the minority!  This year Jory was invited to hunt with Mark Willows and he became buddies with Mark's great nephew, Caleb.  Come to find out the two of them are EXACTLY one year apart and share a birthday, February 12th!  I think there are more hunting trips in these two little boys' future!   

Needles anyone?

Jade has had some trouble for sometime coughing at different times of the year, especially during harvest. This fall she stayed with my brother and SIL one night as well as with a friend of her's and both my brother and her friend's mom asked me if Jade was OK because she coughed all night! So, after hearing that, I took her in and we proceeded with allergy testing. After multiple questions, the fun began with 19 shots in her arm....see picture to the right...no tears...just a smile on her face. 

After waiting to see if she "reacted" to any of the various injections, step 2 was injected strong "solution" of such things as oak tree, horse, grasses...

When all was said and done she had a total of 47 injections...OUCH!  and we were told she was allergic to Oak and Cottonwood Trees as well as house dandur, and various grasses! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lisa G. (64 photos), by Nikki Boote

I'd like to share my Snapfish photos with you. Once you have checked out my photos you can order prints and upload your own photos to share.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Favorite Toy!

Each of the kids have had their favorite toy of the years and Jace just loves this little John Deere Semi Truck with big rubber wheels.  He pushes this around just as fast as he can crawl...and of course, making his truck sounds to go with it!


And even when you "crash" crawling you keep your hand on your toy!

10 Months!

Jace McCoy will be 10 months old tomorrow, November 15th.  Wow does the time fly!  It seems like yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital, however, seems the very same for Jade and Jory!  He has his front left top tooth completely through and the right is just coming through the gum.  He has both his two front bottom teeth.  He is absolutely into everything and can get anywhere VERY quickly .  He walks along the couch and chair and will stand on his own for a few seconds and then will go to a crawling position to get where he wants to go.  We suspect he will be walking by Christmas.  Another ability that we just recently realized he can do is climb the steps and very quickly I might add!  Ugh...I think we need gates now both at the top of the steps and at the bottom! 

We have been working on getting him to again sleep ALL NIGHT!  He has been battling some ear infections the past couple months and he now thinks that he likes sleeping with his parents! It is getting better but we still aren't sleeping ALL NIGHT again.  My sister-in-law once told me, "Don't get worked up over a kid sleeping with you...one day you will wish for those days back because when they become teenagers they won't want to!" and Dr. Nyhus told me one time, "There are NO WRITTEN rules on how to raise kids...do what works for you!  When both parents work and you need your sleep...it's hard to be fighting with a kid all night!" So, as I said...this is a work in progress and it is getting better.  Pray for patience! 

He has become a total "Mommy's boy" and I really don't get a whole lot done with him hanging on my leg or wanting me to hold him.  But, he is so dang cute, it's hard not to resist his little face...so he usually gets his way!  Yes, you can say...SPOILED!!  Thank Goodness for Jade and Jory for pitching in and helping watch him when I need to work on book work, High School Rodeo duties or house work!

He loves to do patty-cake and So Big and will give lots of kisses on cue.  He enjoys to play peak-a-boo with the kids and his laugh is infectious!  He is all boy too...when he pushes his toy truck or tractor around he makes a "Zooom" noise...so cute!!

Since he is such a mommy's boy...it was a bit difficult to get a good picture of him...it went sort of like this:

ME: Sit here while we try and take a 10 month picture...

ME AGAIN: No, wait..."Sit still...SMILE!!" 

JACE: But DAD...you don't understand...I just want my MOM!!

JACE: AND I am going to get to her!

JACE: And I did!

But, we did eventually get a good picture...when dad ran the camera...and I held Jace!! It's amazing how quickly these little ones figure things out!

and YES, I am getting SOOO BIG!

We love this little 10 month old to pieces!

Super Dog!!

Kindle dressed up for Halloween!

A little Laundry Basket fun!

Every kid in their lifetime was pulled around in a laundry basket, right? Well, this little fella is no different. Jade and Jory had him in the basket and were cruising over the linoleum...he thought it was pretty cool!

Halloween 2010

Since we didn't need Halloween Customes this year for school, we didn't go out and buy customes (which I thought was nice)! So, Jade was Midkota Volleyball Player (our Midkota girls were playing in the District Tournament the following day) along with some other girls in her class.

Callie, McKenna, Quin, Jade and Mikayla...
Jory was Minnesota Vikings #84 (yes, that was a dirty trick in his eyes...he doesn't understand what Chilly was thinking! ;) ). Anyways, I had a Moss jersey from years ago that I had packed away and so when he came back for his brief "stint" we drug it back out and well, it is now packed away again.

Brandt (& Kindle), Bridger & Jace, and Jory...ready to go Trick or Treating!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3rd Annual Wild West Rodeo

We help with the Annual Wild West Rodeo at the Bible Camp this past Friday.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had 44 eager and busy Kindergarten to 3rd grade aged Cowgirls and Cowboys!  We had a fun time with these kids!  We show them how to run barrels, poles, tie the goat, rope the dummy, and most importantly (in their eyes), ride BIG TEX!  See pictures below...

All while Christ centered...Thanks Cedar and Jade for leading us in devotionals!

School is tough!

My niece, Lauryn  (far left) comes home with us each day after school and hangs out with us until either Louis or Kristi are done working for the day.  Some days she is like this after school....

and, somedays are just plain tiring!  Remember...we live a mile from town!!  But honestly, I feel the very SAME way some days!!!