Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Summer Favs!

Since I haven't blogged lately...i'll give you a few hints of what we have been up to!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pee Wee Baseball

 He even was able to try his hand at pitching! 
Jory has added another sport, Pee Wee Baseball, to his long list of sporting activities that he enjoys.  They have only had one practice and had their first game last night!  He did pretty well. 


No secret...

It's really no secret in the Binford community that our Edlund family is VERY TIGHT!!  We love to get together and usually have a blast when doing so!  It has become a tradition to host a "couples shower" when one of the cousins is getting married.  Well, this summer I have 3 cousins getting married!  Alan and I hosted the "couples shower" last Friday  night at our house!  Again, we all had a lot of fun!  Stacey was host of the "Newly Wed game".  This involved all of my cousin and their soon-to-be spouses, as well as my cousin Brittany and her husband, David, who have been married for 5 years this summer.  We all laughed until our sides hurt and look foward to the next "shower"...which won't be far off, as another cousin, Brandon, is getting married this winter! 

Oh, by the way, Congrats to Brittany and David on the W...they won by one point!!!

Britt & David getting the last question correct & winning the game!!!!!

Grandma Lorraine with Grandchildren, Paul, Lisa and Tyler, that are getting married in the upcoming Months.

So Lucky!

One of my favorite pastors in the whole, wide world, Chuck Sabin and his wife, Deb, once told me...people that have never experienced a "good old ND snow storm" don't know what they are missing!  Well, I honestly kind of looked at them funny, because I had never thought about it!  But, they are right!!!  What is better than being able to have everyone in the house, watching movies, making hot chocolate and snuggling on the couch with the kids!   (as long as everyone is at home safe, the cows & horses are all fed, tractor is tucked away, generator is ready and the electricity stays on!) 

Another "simplier things" in life is "checking cows on a beautiful summer night"!   There honestly isn't anything better! One of the simple treasures in the world...honestly!!!  I love to fill a cooler, jump in the pickup with the kids, head to the pastures and check cows!  We are so lucky!!! 

This year we have both Angus (we raise and keep) and Hereford (we buy, breed, and send to Kazakhstan) cattle.  One night last night we went to check on the cattle that we had just taken to the pasture!  We had a blast!

What would you pick...Hereford or Angus?

#1 Cheerleader

One of our favorite Cheerleader's turns 92 this Saturday!  She is my grandma Mac!  She doesn't miss very many rodeos or Midkota Mustang basketball games!  She usually watches the rodeos from my aunt and uncles motor home and she has her "spot" in the Midkota gym where you can usually catch her keeping a close on the action!!  She recently made the trip to Bismarck to watch 3 of her great-grandchildren (Bridger, Jade & Cedar) compete in the ND Jr. High Finals!  Love her dearly!!

Jade, Bridger, Grandma Mac, Jace, Jory & Cedar


2012 NDJHRD State Breakaway Champ!!

What do you get when you:

1)  Rope every night, sometimes on 3 different horses!
2)  Rope the dummy every day!
3) Work hard in the practice pen!
4)  Have two parents, two younger brothers (occasionally a grandpa) willing to push calves for you!
5)  Work through the frustration and tears (at times)!
6)  Parents willing to haul you to rodeos!

A STATE CHAMP!!  Yes, that is correct, Jade won the 2012 ND Jr. High Rodeo Division Breakaway Championship!  We are super proud of her!  She now goes on to compete at the National Jr. High Rodeo Finals in Gallup, NM June 24th to June 30th!  And so the practicing continues...

Jade and her Ribbon Roping Partner, Keenan Kvamme, finished 4th in the state, which also qualifies them for Nationals (the top 4 in each event go on to Nationals).  They had a great season as well!  Congrats Jade & Keenan!!  Go get em' at Nationals!!

Sandon "Dude" and Jace

Jace with his god-father, Sandon aka. Dude!

Jace McCoy - 28 months

We seriously couldn't imagine our family without this little man!  He goes with us everywhere and is just a real trooper!!  He makes us all laugh (sometimes when we shouldn't be) and has quite the sense of humor!  Some of his favorite things to do are:  ride in the "wanger" aka. Ranger to check cows, play in his sand box, eat hot dogs, and wrestle with his brother!  He loves to sing & dance and is just all-around BOY!!  He likes to play rough and loves getting dirty!

Full of Mud!  Playing at Jr. High Rodeo Finals!

Dancin' to the music at the rodeo!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

People you look up to....

Just as every kid has dreams, they also have people they look up too!  One of the people Jade looks up to in the roping world is Brandi Guttormson!   Brandi is from ND and ropes very well!  This spring Brandi put on her first Breakaway Roping Clinic and Jade attended it.  Brandi did an awesome job and when needed to "chew some butt" wasn't afraid too!  Brandi is someone that Jade will see almost every weekend this summer and will push Jade to the next level!  Thanks for everything Brandi!!


Perfect Loop!

In calf roping there is a "perfect loop"!  For those that are not familiar with roping, this is when your rope comes around the opposite side of the calf's neck and figure 8's.  This is Jade's winning run in Richardton, ND.  Picture perfect!!

Just because..

This picture is just too cute to not post!  Pictured with Jory, Jade & Jace is Riley and Jordan Staton.    Jordan is Jade's Ribbon Roping partner from last year.  He is a freshman in high school this year and Jade and Jordan are good friends.  Jordan's brother, Riley, is going to rope with Jory in Jr. High (see previous post).  We love the Staton family and without rodeo we would have never met them! 

Future Team Roping Champions!!

Every kid has big dreams and Jory and one of his rodeo buddies have one...of being Team Roping Champions one day!!!!  At rodeos these two can be found by the trailer roping the dummy for HOURS!!!  The will both have 1 year before they can Jr. High Rodeo but already have plans to "team up" in the Team Roping!  Good Luck boys!!!   

Jace and his GF

Jace has a few little "GF's" (girl friends) at rodeos!  Imagine that!  ;)  Here is a picture of one of his favorite GF's!  Well, we all love her!  Thanks Brooke for always keeping an eye on Jace at the rodeos! 

2012 Joe Beaver Clinic

Jade & Jory both attended the Joe Beaver Clinic in Bismarck the middle of April.  They both had a BLAST and learned a lot!  What a talented guy!!!  Pictured below is, Shane Winkler, who helps Joe out and is a lot of help too!  Thanks for everything guys!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Midkota Mustang Basketball

Our Lady Mustang Varsity basketball team had an excellent season this year!  Jade was fortunate enough to be a part of it with such a great team!  We fell 11 points short of making it to the State Tournament but we don't have any seniors on the team so the future looks promising for the Lady Mustangs!!!  We are so proud of each one of you girls!  You played your hearts out and we are so lucky that Jade gets to play with such an outstanding group of athletes!!  Go Mustangs!!
Picture of the girls at the pep rally held in the afternoon.

Region 4 Runner-up

Grandma Boote Visit

Grandma Boote made a quick visit with us last week.  Ron and Jane delivered some pork to ND so Grandma bailed in for some quality ND Grandkid time! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jory's 10th Birthday

Jory turned 10 on February 15th.  We took all 6 of the boys in Jory's class, along with Brandt and Callie, to the Canad Inn in Grand Forks for Jory's 10th Birthday.  It was a blast!  I would highly recommend.  We spent about 6 hours there and none of the kids wanted to leave when we did!  Jace is an absolute water magnet and loved every minute...he was sleeping within a block of leaving!

4th Grade Traveling Ball

Jory has been playing on a 4th Grade Traveling Basketball Team since January and loves it!  He plays with some boys from the North Central area.  So between Jade and Jory's games that doesn't leave much time for anything else...but I wouldn't trade it for the world!  Jory loves any type of sport!

Jace - 26 months

Jace will be 26 months tomorrow!  He is quite the little chatter box!  He loves to do "chores" with his toys (see picture) and wants nothing more than to be outside!  He has been quite the little cheerleader lately for the "Mut-angs" (I guess I have been too, therefore, the lack of blog posts).  He enjoys riding horse and the "fur-wheeler".  Still enjoys his pizza and hot dogs and doesn't want much so do with potty training.  His "I wuv you mommy" melts our hearts and he is growing up so fast that I just want to stop time...


House Remodel

We started a "little" house remodel project the beginning of February.  This included moving our steps that led to the basement out of the kitchen!  It is mostly complete, however, the flooring that I want is backordered until June so I guess I can wait until then.  I've had my orange linoleum and carpet for 10 years now, whats another 3 months!

We love how it turned out! 



Next up, is the kitchen...ONE DAY!  I need to do a lot more talking before that takes place! ;0)

Volleyball Fundraiser

We recently had a fundraiser in Binford to raise money for the Binford Senior Citizens.  They would like to make some "updates" to their building.  It was Volleyball Tourney, silent auction as well as a supper.  The Edlund crew had a team...

The Wild Whinery Women....

The Jr. High Team...

Purse Lady??

Most of you that know me...know that I LOVE purses!  We were doing some cleaning of a closet the other day and look what we found!  Yup...I think I need another one!  ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Jace!!

We have a two year old in the family today!  We had a little birthday party for him following church that included Papa Murphy's pizza and Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  We can't believe that he is actually 2 years old already!  He continues to love milk, pizza, hot dogs, and his "bippy" (sippy)!  His favorite toys are his cows, horses, John Deere tractor with a loader, semi with a cattle pot and the corrals.  It is so funny to listen to him "oten (open) gates" and "feed tows" (cows)!  He has been to more basketball games and rodeos than most two year olds have ever been to in their life!  He is a good little sport/traveler as long as we have a bag full of toys he is "fairly" content!  Nothing warms my heart more than his, "I wove you mom", "hold you" which means he wants me to pick him up and hold him or his "wock" (rock).  He loves to rock and is really into Barney right now!  I thought many years ago that my days of watching Barney were over but I wouldn't trade it for the world right now so back to Barney watching we go!!  Happy 2nd Birthday Jace McCoy!!!

1st Points!!

Our Midkota Lady Mustangs played in the Stutsman County Tournament this past weekend.  On Friday night Jade came in for one of our starters and went up for a lay up and was fouled!  As she proceeded to the free throw line all calm and collected, my heart sank, this was the FIRST free throws she has ever attempted in a varsity game.  Free throws have not been one of Jade's strengths in basketball games, although, last week Uncle Bruce and her spent 2 hours at the gym working on just FREE THROWS and in the junior high games she has played in since that night...her free throws had been looking MUCH better!  Anyways, as she stood at the line, took the basketball in her hands, and swished not one but BOTH of her free throws!! YAY!!! I was so proud of her!  Only 998 more points until 1000!  ;)  Way to go Jade and Thank You Uncle Bruce for your help!! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012


About 2 years ago we attended our first NDSU Football game and ever since then, we have been hooked!  This year we were able to attend 3 games and had a blast at each one...especially the UNI game! ;)  It was extremely loud in the Fargodome and it was packed!   The Bison were fortunate to win their playoff games and advance to the Division I FCS Championship game and WE WON!!  So, last night after the game we took the Bison Bus and headed to the Fargodome to welcome the team home!  It was one of those unplanned, last-minute trips  that was a BLAST!  So glad that we went...a definite history making event!  We can't wait for fall to watch...Bison Football !! 

Bison Team at the welcome home party!  Love the cowboy hats!!  Good Job Boys!!

2011 New Years Eve

We were invited to Ryan and Prairie Topp's home for New Years Eve!  We had great food, a great time and made some great memories!  Thank you for the invite Topps!

2011 Halvorson Christmas

Halvorson Clan!
We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family at my sister's home the Friday following Christmas. 

Halvorson Grandkids!

2011 Boote Christmas

Grandma Boote and Jory, Jace and Jade
We had a great time in Iowa at the Boote Christmas!  Here are a few pictures...
The whole Boote clan (minus our niece Megan, her husband and their 2 children)!

Marilyn and her kids!
Grandma Boote and her Grandkids!
Grandma Boote and Great-Grandkids