Friday, August 13, 2010

Too Cute!?!?!

Here is Jace sittin' and playing today!  I may be a little prejudice but gosh he is cute...isn't he?!?!?  (spit stain and all!)    He will be 7 months old on Sunday!!  Wow...time is flyin!!

BFF'S (Best Friends Forever)

This is proof that you can still be friends even after your buddy beats you by ONE point to win the Finals Year End Buckle in the Goat Tying!!  You are a great kid Colter!  So glad that Jory has you for a friend!! 

Dakota Youth Rodeo Series Finals

We finished up the Dakota Youth Rodeo Series last weekend with the finals in Sheyenne.  Here is a picture of the kids with their loot! 

Jory won the Year End in the Goat Tying and Calf Riding and received buckles for each event, he won Reserve in the Poles and Barrels and received 2 very nice halters and won 3rd in the breakaway roping and won a new rope.  Then, to top it all off he won the Year End All Around!  For this he won a leather tooled rope can that he gets to design himself!  Lucky kid!!  I teased him that since he had one a rope can the day before maybe mom could get one...he told me no...I have enough ropes to fill both cans!!  LOL

Jade won the Year End in the Barrel Racing and received a buckle, 4th in the Goat Tying and won a new goat string and 2nd in the Keyhole and won a hay bag!  

Thanks to all the great people who put on these Youth Rodeos!  Also, to Jeff and Jona Kvamme for sponsoring all of the buckles!!  THANK YOU!!

My nieces, Dawsyn and Cedar and nephew, Bridger, along with Jade and Jory and everyone's year end winnings!  Good Job guys!!

Mandan Horse and Saddle Club Reserve All-Around

We attended the Mandan Horse and Saddle Club Youth Rodeo this past Saturday and Jory was the Reserve All-Around winner and won this awesome leather rope can!  He kept telling me all day that he REALLY wanted that rope, is it nice!  How sad is that...doesn't care about the buckle...just would really like the rope can! LOL  Anyways, when the dust all settled I really didn't think that he had won anything but boy was I wrong...he ended up Reserve All-Around and in fact brought home the ROPE CAN! 

As a side note, this same day, the Jr. Reserve All-Around was Calby Hanson (2nd born child in her family) and her older sister, Laine, was the 2009 Sr. Division Year End All-Around Champion at the same time that Jade was the 2009 Beginner Divison Year End All-Around Champion and they both won rope cans for that.  So, now ALL 4 of them have rope cans and sweet one's too!!



After many years of roping the dummies, riding horse, practicing and more practicing, entering the kids and know that it is probably going to be a "donation" since the kids they were roping against were in High School, all that worked finally paid off a couple weekends ago when they BOTH did very well in the breakaway roping!

First off, Jade was a 3.1 in the Bottineau Roughrider Rodeo.  She ended up 2nd in the jr. breakaway!!  See her run below!


Then, the next day, Jory was a 5.1 in Devils Lake at the Youth Rodeo.  Click below to watch his run!  I think his smile was as wide as the arena!!

But I think both Alan and my smile were as wide as the highway on the way home! ;)  Both of their runs were SOO FUN to watch and even prouder of how far they have come of the past year!!

What does a 6 month old do while we practice roping?

Hang out next to the ropin' alley in his 3 wheeled stroller...this particular his pajamas with a little fleece "snow suit" since it was fairly cool out and watch the action!  (I am pretty sure that he was thinking to himself...I can't wait to get old enough to get out there and rope :)!)  LOL

When does a guy practice!

Most peope wonder when we practice roping?  Well, the answer is most of the time...AND everywhere!! Including in the house and in our pajamas!!

Haulin Hay!

We rope in Minot the night before the Youth Rodeo at the State Fair and afterwards the guy that owns the arena was going to chore and the kids hoped on to help load some hay...

 left to right; Cedar, Kennan Kvamme, Jade, Dawsyn, Jory and Bridger

2010 State Fair Trip

The kids were again able to take part in the 2010 ND State Fair Youth Rodeo.  They both had a great day winning some very nice prizes and Jory was again (2nd year in a row) the top prize winner taking home the All-Around buckle in his age group!

After the rodeo we were able to take in a few of the different attractions....

First stop,  Jory riding the mechanical bull...

Off the the Bungee Jumping!!

Jory (upside down)....

Jade... to the midway for a game...

They really do like each other!

I have proof that Jade and Jory do get along sometimes...check this out!!  Had to capture this...way too cute!  Most people only take pictures of their infant babies sleeping...I just couldn't resist!!


This spring my nephew and my brother-in-law made some "Salad Tables".  I purchased one from them and planted two tomato plants, a cucumber plant, jalepeno, green pepper and cilantro plants.  Here is what my garden looks like!  The peppers have grown great, we have gotten a few cucumber, cilantro went to seed right away, lots of parsley, and I think my tomato plants are root bound (planted them too close together).  It has been fun watching everything grow and we even learned a few things about gardening and we hope to do better next year ;)! 

We also planted more tomato plants in another spot as well as pumpkins and our pumpkins look FABULOUS!!  Can't wait to use them and not have to fork over $5.00 a pumpkin this fall!!  YEAH!! 

2010 Spring Piano Recital

The kids started piano this past fall with a new piano teacher, Mrs. Wathne. They really enjoyed her and I am impressed how well they ended the year.

Check out their piano recital pieces by clicking below.



Any Pool will do!

Lauryn was visiting at our house last week one day when the temperature was soaring!  She wanted to put on her swim thing I knew she was laying in Jace's little pool on the deck!  The pool was a little small for her but it worked!!  What a person doesn't do to cool off a bit!