Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jace McCoy - 23 months

It's hard to believe that this little guy...

is going to be 2 next month!  He is quite the little character and talks up a storm, loves to play outside, loves his older brother and sister, most recently LOVES taking a shower and we now have to use "code" when someone is going to take a shower and doesn't need company!  He went through a little spell of thinking he needed to bite people to get their attention and we hopefully have surpassed this!  He definitely knows the word "No!" and does not hesitate to tell us that when he doesn't like something!   When mom isn't available, this little lady will do...

After having tubes put in his ears about a year ago things have gone very well until about 2 weeks ago and he definitely wasn't himself but he wasn't running a temperature!  Unfortunately, at our house if you aren't running a temperature or throwing up, there is no need to stay home or see a doctor.  Well, after spending 2 nights with little sleep and being a bear during the day I finally decided to take him in and low and behold he had DOUBLE ear infection!  I felt terrible but he is on the road to recovery! 

Christmas is going to be a lot of fun this year with our little man as he is very curious about all the presents!  He continues to keep us hoppin' and we just can't imagine what we would do without this little guy...especially when we get a "Mornin' Mom/Dad" or "I wove you!" with his cute little smile and even this little


or the little "ham" he is...

or just the nice boy!

We just can't believe that you will be 2 soon!  Love you buddy!

Sedler Wedding

Steve (my cousin) and Candace's wedding was a couple weekends ago.  Jade handed out programs and Jory was a gift carrier.  They cleaned up pretty well and we all had a great time!   

Cousins...Bridger, Jory and Brandt

Cousins...Dawsyn, Cedar, Callie and Jade

State Volleyball Tournament

Our little school, Midkota, has 42 kids grades 9-12 and a total of 59 kids in grades 7-12 and we were fortunate enough to make it to the ND State Volleyball Tournament.  It was a great weekend and we ended up taking home the 3rd place trophy!  Our girls had an amazing season and I am so proud of all of them!  Here is a picture of the up and coming Mustang Volleyball girls...I hope they watched closely this weekend!  ;)  Jory even "trimmed" his hair for the occasion!  lol


Jory Basketball Season

Jory had 2 days off between Football season and Basketball season.  He was ready to roll as this was his first year of organized elementary basketball.  He had a good season and it was fun to see the boys improve throughout the season.  They placed 2nd in the final game/tournament of the season.  Congrats Mustangs! 

Veteran's Day!

I am a bit behind to be blogging about Veteran's Day but I thought these pictures were too great to pass by. So, I happened to be at the High School on Veteran's Day and I thought it was just really neat how the kids at the High School had recognized the day!   

Twin Day!

During Spirit Week at school we had "Twin" day.  Jory and his friend, Breck, dressed up as cowboys...SHOCKER!!  lol 

But the best "twin" of the day, in my opinion, was Sydney Gilbertson! She dressed up as ME! It was just too cute! I had to get a picture with her...she was all decked out in her mom's Silpada jewelry, she had her hair flipped out on the ends and a vest on (which is a staple in my closet)! I guess kids do pay attention!

Fall Pictures Shoot!

I had my cousin, Emily Bjornson, come to our house the end of October to take a few pictures of the kids.  The wind was blowing like crazy so we ended up heading out to Red Willow Resort and to one of our pastures near the lake, out of the wind, to capture a few photos.  I was very happy with the results and we were able to make one work for our Christmas picture.  Here are a few that I like...