Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grandma Boote visits!

Grandma Boote and some more of the Boote family from Iowa came to visit us this past weekend. They were able to take in an auction sale on Saturday and then a Youth Rodeo in Devils Lake on Sunday. Saturday night we celebrated and early birthday for me (Nikki)! We had a great time and look forward to have them visit again! Below is a couple picture of Grandma Boote and the kids!

Jory, Grandma, Jace and Jade

JACE...18 months

Jace turned 18 months old on July 15th! He has turned into quite the little boy and I do say BOY! He always plays pretty "rough" and makes "trucks and tractor" sounds when he plays! His favorite toys are a sorting Paddle, a Plunger and a Piggin' String! We call it the three P's! He still keeps us on our toes and was a good lil' traveler on our way to New Mexico but the trip home proved to be a bit long for him! He enjoys watching movies, especially Barney and Handy Manny! He loves to be outside and play with Kindle but more importantly LOVES to ride horse! His vocabulary is growing each day and one of his favorite words that we giggle when he says is "doe doe" which is Kindle, our dogs name. He is more than willing to tell you what a cow, dog, cat, and horse say and definite is vocal when we don't respond to him quickly enough when he is looking for something. He continues to keep us hoping and we wouldn't have it any other way! Love you Bud!

HS Rodeo Finals

Part of my "part-time" ND High School Rodeo Association Co-Marketing Director job is to be at the finals held the end of June. This was Robin and I's first year holding this position and we look forward to a much "smoother" year this rodeo season! I thought the saddle and prizes all turn out great this year though...what do you think?
Saddle for the Year End Winners

National Team Jackets


Jr. High National Rodeo Finals

Jade was fortunate enough to end up 3rd in the Breakaway and her and her partner, Jordan Staton, split 2/3 in the Ribbon Roping in the ND Jr. High Rodeo Assocation and earned a spot on the ND National Finals Team.
Jordan and Jade

The finals are held in Gallup, NM each year the last week in June. We all headed to Gallup (yup, including Jace) and had a great time! Jade roped her 1st calf in a 5.887 and roped her 2nd calf to be a long 2, short 3 seconds but missed her slack and the calf ran through her loop. The look on her face was heart breaking but you win some, you lose some! A great experience nonetheless!

Jade getting ready to rope wearing her "lucky shirt"

Basketball Camp!

Between rodeos and practice, the kids were both able to squeeze in a week long basketball camp in Devils Lake with their friends.


We always appreciate all the help we get from family and friends when we brand and work calves in the Spring! Here are a few snap shots!

5/6 Grade Field Trip

I had the "pleasure" of chaparoning the Spring 5/6 Grade Field Trip to Minot. We took in the Minot Zoo and the Scandavian House. A fun trip was had by all but "advil" was definitely in my purse and used on the ride home!

Jr. High Queen Contest

As most of you know from the previous post...Jade ran for Jr. High Rodeo Queen. It was a great experience and we are very proud of her. She won the speech, personality, Ms. Congenialty and lost the competition by ONE POINT! Yes, 1 point! That is pretty darn good since she had mentioned to me running back in January and we (Alan and I) drug our feet until 2 weeks before the competition. One of the biggest point differences between Jade and the girl that won was on the Queen Application and Jade had hand written her application, the girl that won had typed hers! Oh well...it was a great experience and after Alan found out that Jade had to pack around 28 flags in the trailer and organize the grand entry at each rodeo...he was RELIEVED! ;)

2011 Spring Piano Recital

Jade and Jory performed in the Spring Recital, each performing a piano piece as well as a solo. The both did a fabulous job on each of their pieces, even tho according to Jory he wasn't even taking "voice lessons! Kuddos to you Mrs. Watne on that one! Jade will continue this fall with piano lesson among all of her other activities that jr. high brings and Jory would like to switch to guitar lessons!

Doc Knudson (retired vet and good family friend) hasn't missed a recital of the kids' and he especially enjoyed Jory's little country tune that he sang!

We look forward to seeing what the ivory and strings prove in the future for both Jade and Jory!

Catch up!

OK...I admit it! I am a VERY behind on my blogging but I am going to try and attempt to get us caught up to date! It is raining right now as I type and am going to take this time to BLOG!! So, stay tuned!