Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ND Jr. High Rodeo Queen Candidate

Jade is running for ND Jr. High Rodeo Queen.  The pageant is the weekend of May 13th, 14th and 15th.  She is judged on Horsemanship (50 pts.), Modeling (25 pts), Appearance (25 pts), Personality (25 pts.), Application/Photo (10 pts.), Public Interview (25 pts), Speech...2 minute and memorized (25pts), Impromptu questions (25 pts.), and a Written test (25 pts).  There has been a big learning curve in Queen Rules/Regulations here at the Boote Ranch but things are coming together and win or lose, we are super proud of Jade and her accomplishments this far! 


Fishing in the Dark???

Nope!  No fishing in the dark here...broad daylight and 30 minutes...this is what you can catch when you find the right "Spot"!

Grandpa Ron and Jory took a little trip last week one day...about 2 miles from town.  Had their limit in 30 minutes!  Jory was all smiles!!