Saturday, October 24, 2009

2009 Wild West Rodeo

We were again asked to help host the 2009 Wild West Rodeo at the Red Willow Bible Camp. It was a fun day with about 24 kids. Most kids come from larger cities and have never even been on a horse. So, our goal is to introduce these kids to rodeo events such as barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, dummy roping and new this year, steer riding! Of course, using stick horses and a barrel as our steer! The kids ranged in age from Kindergarten to 3rd graders. The highlight of their day is getting to actually ride a horse (Alan's Heel Horse, Tejano) and have a picture taken to take home with them! We try to give them an idea of what the sport of rodeo is like, what we have learned from the sport of rodeo, but most importantly to remember that none of this would be possible without God. Jade actually spoke at the end of the day and below is what she shared...

Psalm 27 verses 13 & 14

I am going to share with you a little bit of what rodeo has taught me. Rodeo has taught me to be a good sport and when you are a good sport you will do well. You have to have a good attitude both in the arena and outside the arena. Practice, practice, practice and work hard and you will do well and win prizes. Having a horse comes with responsibilities such as feeding, horseshoeing and keeping them sound and in shape. Faith in my horse is just like my faith in God. I also listen to my parents as they give me tips to help me reach my goals. I also cheer for my friends and hope they do well when competing against me, I tell them good luck (before they go) and good job (after they go). I have met people all over the state and have many good friends that I have met through rodeo. Rodeo allows my family to be together and do something together that we all enjoy. In conclusion, I owe everything I have to God. Without him, I would not have this opportunity!

1 Corinthians 9 verses 24

Pictured below is Jade reading...

At the end of the day each kid was given a Fellowship of Christian Cowboys pocket size bible along with a leather cross (see picture at top) to put on their saddles (if they have one) or to put on their backpacks, bed, etc. The kids absolutely LOVED these! We do get a budget from the bible camp but unfortunately it doesn't cover the complete cost of these items, so I want to thank Lyle & Lorraine Edlund, Marilynn Boote, Lannes & Elaine Edlund, Pam & David Adrian, Julie & Bruce Sedler, Lauri & Troy Olson, Kelsey Edlund, Ron & Shelley Halvorson and Sandon Varty for donating money towards these "Prizes"...THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

Below are a few more pictures from the day!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

End of Basketball..

Jade's 4th, 5th and 6th grade basketball season concluded yesterday with a tournament in Buchanan. They had a good season considering their team included only 1 sixth grader, 6 fifth graders and 5 fourth graders and most of the time they played teams with all sixth graders! Much fun was had and we look forward to next year!

More Loot...

Jade and Jory with the loot they won at the last Youth Rodeo in Bismarck a couple weeks ago! A couple highlights from the day were Jade winning the Breakaway Roping and Jory winning 4th in the all-around and winning the dummy roping!! We are VERY proud of the two of them and their 2009 rodeo season!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Every once in a while you come across one of those great horses that you just don't know what you would do without! Well, my nephew and nieces (Bridger, Cedar and Dawsyn) had just ONE of those horses! All of the kids loved her...Jade and Jory loved her and just recently our niece, Lauryn (age 4) fell in LOVE with her. She was one of a kind!! Below is an email that I received today from my sister...RIP Beauty!

Because your kids new and loved her just as we did I wanted to let you know that Beauty passed away on Saturday. Gary found her in the pasture. I told the girls last night that just as Beauty was shared here on earth, God needed a pony to share with all of the kids in heaven. They actually took it fairly well knowing that she had been sick a lot of this summer and not feeling good.

Thought these pics were neat as the first was taken about a week after we got her of Dawsyn helping us move cows and the next one was taken about a week ago when we worked cows. She certainly was a ‘one in a million’ pony.