Monday, August 31, 2009

Baptism for Kade Louis Halvorson

Yesterday my nephew, Kade Louis, was baptized at church. He was born on May 19th (same day as another nephew (on the Boote side), Lincoln, was born). Louis and Kristi asked Jade to be one of the God parents along with another niece, Jasmin and friends Russ & Jill Anderson.

It was a really nice church service with great music and a good message but one of the coolest things was that little Kade had ALL of his grandmothers there in church. YUP...all of his Grandma's and Great Grandma's on BOTH sides. Only one grandpa has passed and that is Great Grandpa Halvorson (my dad's dad), otherwise all of Kade's grandpa's were there as well. It was pretty neat!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Last spring Jade's 4th grade class was given sunflower seeds to grow as a summer project. Here is a picture of what Jade's seeds produced...they are just starting to bloom...
After such a dry summer I was surprised that these sunflowers continued to grow but apparently sunflowers can grow even on hard well water about twice a week...or maybe more like once a week!!
She did well but I don't think a garden is in our least not in mine!!!!

HALF WAY...20 weeks

I never took a picture while I was pregnant with either Jade or Jory...yuck...who wants to look at a picture of themselves, especially a picture where you are bearing more weight than usual! Well, that was my thinking with the first two but now I kind of wish I had a picture from when I was pregnant with them so, here goes it...20 weeks pregnant with the our 3rd child.
As most of you know, I had an Ultrasound (US) at 10 weeks and for some reason that US was accidentally deleted from the computer so, at 17 weeks they performed another US (which by the way looks great) and the technician told me she "thought" it looked like we were having a boy. Well, after the US I was scheduled for a doctors appointment that same day and my doctor told me that if everything on today's US looks good I wouldn't need another US at 20 or 21 weeks...WRONG I said! I really have my heart set on finding out the gender of this child as we did not find out with either Jade or Jory and after all I HAVE NOTHING BABY LEFT!! I really need to plan!!! So, after some negotiating with my doctor the following week, he has allowed me another US which is scheduled for next Thursday, September 3rd and we will find out for sure if this baby is a Boote boy or girl...stay tuned!
Up until this point I really haven't wore much maternity clothes...have just purchased a few larger pants and used the old rubber band trick on the waist, however, in the last week I have used some maternity shirts. I feel great and can't complain about a thing! I rodeoed last weekend and am officially calling it quits until after this baby is born. Although, Alan and Jade have "taken over" my horse the past month and both have been using him so he doesn't just get to stand around...yikes, if I don't watch it I may not get him back next summer! ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jory Binford PBR

Here is Jory at Binford's PBR this year. He had the crowd cheering and hollaring. He loves to ride sheep and has now decided to move on to bigger and better things. After pestering us all summer about riding a bucking pony at the youth rodeos we finally agreed to let him ride one (only if he agreed to wear a helmet and a vest borrowed from some friends) at the last of the Dakota Series rodeos in Warwick about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, we didn't get the response that we would have liked to have gotten...his response afterwards was "That was awesome!!" mean you LIKED it was our thought!! We were hoping for a..."I am never doing that again!" So, now he is gearing up to ride steers at the final Youth rodeo in Mandan in September...again, under the condition he has to wear a helmet and vest! So, I found a used hockey helmet on ebay for $20.00...still searching for a vest...I hope this phase doesn't last long...
The other picture is from the ND State Fair...his highlight was riding the mechanical bull! YIKES!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

2009-10 School Year Begins

The 2009-10 Midkota School year began today. Jade started 5th Grade and Jory started 2nd grade. As you can about guess, Jory has been driving Jade crazy over the past week with his "Oh, I can hardly wait until school starts!" and the mere thought of starting school made Jade sick to her stomach! Anyways, we began today and are off and running! Speaking of that...I need to get the kids pointed in the direction of their beds! Ugh...hard to do when still light out!