Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wild Man!

Jace is 7 1/2 months old and had his 6 month shots today (thanks to having RSV we are a month behind)!  Anyways, he has gotten to be quite the wild man lately and doesn't like have his diaper changed, started crawling this past Monday and has been pulling himself up on "things" for about the past 2 weeks!  One of his ultimate toys is his walker and he loves chasing after Jory in it!  Tonight we took him outside and he cruised around on the cement in front of the garage while the kids roped their dummies (see picture below)! Nothing in our house is sacred anymore and we are fast and furiously child proofing!   Got a quick picture of him tonight after he had pulled him self up on this leap frog toy that we received from Louis and Kristi for a baby gift...the kids thought he needed to put on Jory's cowboy hat!  I think we will keep this little man...even if he has turned into a Wild Man!! 


This is what a 6th Grader with a 7 month old brother looks like when she is Multi-Tasking!

First Day of School!

First day of the 2010-11 School Year.  Jade a 6th Grader and Jory a 3rd Grader! 

After the kids went to bed the night before the first day...here are a couple things that I found.  I think these are "signs" of being prepared/excited for the first day of school!  What do you think?

A Little Calf Ropin Practice!

Jory practicing calf roping in hopes of makin the NFR one day...it's lookin pretty good! ;-)  Roping his "calf" from his horse (saw horse), then flankin' his calf (Ty Tuff)...