Friday, July 31, 2009

2009 NDSF All-Around Champs

We took the kids to the ND State Fair on Wednesday for the Showdeo. They both did very well and Jory was able to bring home his First Buckle-he won the 8 and under All Around Buckle! Jade was fortunate enough to have won the buckle in her age division as well. YEAH!! They were both excited and are grateful for the buckles and the nice prizes in each event (saddle bags, feed, fly masks, reins, and a NDSF bag)...Thanks to the organizers and to the NDSF for the buckles and prizes! Off to more rodeos tomorrow and the final youth rodeo in the "Dakota Series" in Warwick on Sunday. Jory is hoping for a few more buckles...I think he has caught the bug (or maybe he had it before winning this buckle)...what do you think?

Friday, July 17, 2009

2009 Summer Rodeoing...

The kids have been very busy practicing and rodeoing this summer and thus far have been very successful! Jade has won the All-Around in both the June and July Mandan Youth rodeos and is leading her division with two rodeos remaining (one in August and one in September). Jory has done very well in the Warwick Youth Rodeo series and sweeped his age division at the last rodeo, winning all of his events so he came home with a big grin! Jade's love is Barrel Racing and Jory's love is Sheep Riding...oh, I hope he doesn't go on to be a rough stock rider...I don't think my nerves could handle that. He is only 7 so hopefully he outgrows this love. He does like to rope the dummy and so it is Alan hope that that continues!!

Another Boote Cowboy/Cowgirl...

Well, the news is out! WE ARE HAVING A BABY!! Our due date is January 15th so I am about 14 weeks along. Many people ask if this was a surprise and my response is this: "We" had planned for a baby about 3 years ago but that wasn't meant to be; we have to remember that everything is in His time; so we are blessed with a baby now! We are excited and pray for a healthy baby. Our kids will be fabulous help and Jade is excited, however, Jory is a bit hesitant but he will come around...he will have to. I have been feeling very good but could use a nap every couple hours...ugh! I feel like a lazy lug but I know I do need my sleep! We ARE going to find out what this baby is and so around the 1st of September we should know. We did not find out with Jade and Jory but feel since we have NO baby items left we need to get organized a litte. Please pray for another healthy Boote baby!!