Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quilt Auction

We went out to the Red Willow Bible Camp tonight to check out all of the quilt's that have been donated to the Quilt Auction to be held on Saturday. There are some very nice ones! Unfortnately, Alan and I will be gone but the kids will be there helping G&G and Uncle Louis with the auction. I took a couple pictures of Jade and Jory by their donated quilts. This year my Grandmother, my Mom and I each made a quilt (impressed aren't you...don't be...may be the one and only that I ever make) as well as Jade (snowmen) and Jory (high school musical) both made quilts and donated them to this worthwhile event! All the proceeds of the quilt auction are donated to the Red Willow Bible Camp and Halvorson Boote Auction donates the auctioneering! Check out the quilts...


  1. That is sooo cool Nikki! You have great kids! They did an awesome job on their quilts! I absolutely LOVE the one you donated too!!!! Love the colors and the pattern! Have a fun weekend! Elona

  2. Wasn't sure how to get my name on here...I tried so I just went anonymous! Sorry! Elona