Monday, August 31, 2009

Baptism for Kade Louis Halvorson

Yesterday my nephew, Kade Louis, was baptized at church. He was born on May 19th (same day as another nephew (on the Boote side), Lincoln, was born). Louis and Kristi asked Jade to be one of the God parents along with another niece, Jasmin and friends Russ & Jill Anderson.

It was a really nice church service with great music and a good message but one of the coolest things was that little Kade had ALL of his grandmothers there in church. YUP...all of his Grandma's and Great Grandma's on BOTH sides. Only one grandpa has passed and that is Great Grandpa Halvorson (my dad's dad), otherwise all of Kade's grandpa's were there as well. It was pretty neat!!

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  1. That WAS kewl having all the Great Grandma's and Grandma's there. Such a nice day.