Friday, April 22, 2011

Jade Birthday!

Jade turned 12 on April 6th.  To celebrate, we headed to Jamestown for the night and had supper at her restaurant of choice, which was Grizzly's.  Had we been in Fargo or Grand Forks it would have been Texas Roadhouse!  Jade is an active 12 year old girl!  She still enjoys any sport, especially basketball and rodeo.  She takes voice and piano lessons from Mrs. Wathne and it has been fun watching her perfect her piano and vocal skills!  We just finished elementary spring volleyball and she has been playing on a traveling basketball team.  Inbetween volleyball games and practice, hunter's safety and traveling basketball, piano practice and lesson she is trying to squeeze in time to ride horses and get them in shape before her first Jr. High Rodeo on April 30th.  She keeps us hoppin' but we wouldn't want it any other way!  Love ya Jade!

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  1. What a sweetheart! Happy Birthday Jade! be 12 again!!!! I'd be at the lake....digging worms for fishing with my bamboo pole, roasting marshmellows and diving into the lake with my cousins....aahh, thanks for the stroll down memory lane!
    Seriously....ENJOY this year! Never give up hugs and see the BEAUTIFUL all around you!
    PS I miss you all...give your mom a bear (((hug))) from me!!!!!!!!