Sunday, November 14, 2010

10 Months!

Jace McCoy will be 10 months old tomorrow, November 15th.  Wow does the time fly!  It seems like yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital, however, seems the very same for Jade and Jory!  He has his front left top tooth completely through and the right is just coming through the gum.  He has both his two front bottom teeth.  He is absolutely into everything and can get anywhere VERY quickly .  He walks along the couch and chair and will stand on his own for a few seconds and then will go to a crawling position to get where he wants to go.  We suspect he will be walking by Christmas.  Another ability that we just recently realized he can do is climb the steps and very quickly I might add!  Ugh...I think we need gates now both at the top of the steps and at the bottom! 

We have been working on getting him to again sleep ALL NIGHT!  He has been battling some ear infections the past couple months and he now thinks that he likes sleeping with his parents! It is getting better but we still aren't sleeping ALL NIGHT again.  My sister-in-law once told me, "Don't get worked up over a kid sleeping with day you will wish for those days back because when they become teenagers they won't want to!" and Dr. Nyhus told me one time, "There are NO WRITTEN rules on how to raise what works for you!  When both parents work and you need your's hard to be fighting with a kid all night!" So, as I said...this is a work in progress and it is getting better.  Pray for patience! 

He has become a total "Mommy's boy" and I really don't get a whole lot done with him hanging on my leg or wanting me to hold him.  But, he is so dang cute, it's hard not to resist his little he usually gets his way!  Yes, you can say...SPOILED!!  Thank Goodness for Jade and Jory for pitching in and helping watch him when I need to work on book work, High School Rodeo duties or house work!

He loves to do patty-cake and So Big and will give lots of kisses on cue.  He enjoys to play peak-a-boo with the kids and his laugh is infectious!  He is all boy too...when he pushes his toy truck or tractor around he makes a "Zooom" cute!!

Since he is such a mommy's was a bit difficult to get a good picture of went sort of like this:

ME: Sit here while we try and take a 10 month picture...

ME AGAIN: No, wait..."Sit still...SMILE!!" 

JACE: But don't understand...I just want my MOM!!

JACE: AND I am going to get to her!

JACE: And I did!

But, we did eventually get a good picture...when dad ran the camera...and I held Jace!! It's amazing how quickly these little ones figure things out!

and YES, I am getting SOOO BIG!

We love this little 10 month old to pieces!

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