Thursday, February 4, 2010

2009 MHSC Awards

Jade and Jory competed in the 2009 Mandan Horse and Saddle Club (MHSC) Youth Rodeo series (4 rodeos) this past summer.  They both tried their hardest and had a blast meeting new people and making new friends!  The Beginner age division is 10 and under so Jade was only able to compete in that age division this past year, Jory on the other hand has 3 years left to compete in this division.  Jade ended the year winning the Beginner All-Around and the Goat Tail Tying.  We attended the MHSC Banquet this past Saturday night and Jade received her awards.  Jory also received a trophy for participating in the Beginner division.  We are VERY proud of both of their accomplishments this past rodeo season!   

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