Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby Room

The baby room is just about complete and I think we are almost ready for Baby 'J'. We have a few things left to get but overall I think it's coming along. I asked my brother-in-law Dennis if he would make me some horseshoe hooks for towels, etc. and I planned on picking them up this weekend, but with us not making the trip to Iowa I may need to go to Plan B.

This little room was used as an "extension" to our entry way. However, we obviously didn't NEED it because I have consolidated or purged everything that was in that room into the actual entry way and closet! Although small...I think this is going to work!

Here is a picture of this tiny room "before"...

Here is the finished results...again...we need a couple decorations for the walls but I think it turned out cute! I think that the paint and carpeting has made this room really cozy! It is right off of our bedroom so will be nice and handy too ;)!

I purchased the bedding off of Ebay...I think it fits "us"!

Only 21 days to go and I pray for a smooth delivery and most of all a healthy baby!!

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  1. The little nursery turned out cute!

    CONGRATULATIONS!! We saw a pic of Jace and he is adorable! He's a big boy too. Hope that you are feeling well. Give that sweet baby a kiss from us!